The Unknown Energy

By July 21, 2015 June 10th, 2016 Random Thoughts

It wasn’t too long ago that it was discovered that light is energy that travels like sound waves. Light can be absorbed, reflected, focused, refracted, etc by the object it comes in contact with. There is another energy in the universe that travels through time and space that has some of the same properties as light waves but is not visible on known wavelengths. By writing about this energy I am exposing something that only a handful of people know about. This energy is kept secret because there is a group of people who want to control it and keep it for themselves. A small number of people already have a natural way to tap into this energy. And those that want to control this energy have a very elaborate, yet temperamental machine that can tap this energy. The machine can even transfer the energy from someone who has a natural ability to tap it, to anther person who is plugged into this machine. This secret energy is “creativity”. Yes, creativity is an energy that travels through the universe. The people who can naturally tap this energy can sometimes appear a little odd to those that can not tap into the energy. Andy Warhol is just one example of someone who had a natural ability to tap this energy source.

Why hasn’t anyone talked about this energy source before? There is a secret, controlling group that wants to keep this energy source all to themselves. Creativity is the currency of the future. If they can control creativity, they control money and everything. Nearly 250 years ago in New York City a machine was built that could capture creativity that was floating around the universe and focus it to a user. The builder of the machine was an Irish/Scot watchmaker and inventor by the name of James T. (is last name has been forgotten). This machine could even suck the creativity away from someone who was radiating some creative thought. In essence, hijacking the creative thought. Just thinking and writing this article is putting out in the universe my creative thoughts about the creativity energy element. And the machine could hijack my creativity. And those that control the machine could try to publish my findings before I do to discredit me. I am putting myself in jeopardy. I had to wait for the right moment to share this true story. The creativity machine, called “the producer” by those that control it, is currently not working. The machine is very temperamental and breaks down often. Some have tried to duplicate the machine but to no avail. Some have tried to fix the machine when it breaks down but his only extends the breakdown period. The breakdown period can sometimes last years. How do I know it is currently “off-line”? Because Hollywood is currently making a lot of sequels and remaking old movies. Yes, Hollywood regularly uses “the producer” to hijack someone’s creative thought and essentially steal the idea for themselves. If Hollywood doesn’t have new ideas, they rehash old ones. Movies make a lot of money and Hollywood pays a lot of money to use “the producer”.

Although most creative people don’t know about “the producer”, they do know that somehow their creative thoughts and intentions are being stolen. It use to be thought that putting tin foil on your head could protect your thoughts from being stolen. But this is not true. One way to protect your thoughts from being stolen by “the producer” is to keep away from people during moments of creative thought and action. Other people can unintentionally be conduits for your creative thoughts and broadcast them to “the producer”. The only other known way to keep “the producer” from tapping into your creative thoughts is by drinking. Yes, drinking. A few beers can scramble your thoughts so that “the producer” can’t get a good reading on them. And if someone is plugged into “the producer” and your creativity while you’re a little drunk, their mental capacity is permanently damaged. This is why so many people in Hollywood appear to be idiots despite their apparent success and money. There is another way to stop “the producer” from stealing our ideas but it is controversial and being tested for efficacy.

It is unknown how people are allowed to bid on using “the producer” and an even bigger mystery of who ultimately is in control of “the producer”. Those that use it, don’t talk about it. But what is known is that people are invited to bid on time on the machine. Some business people have been invited to use “the producer”. Bill Gates is one such businessman. He paid millions for his opportunity. He was initially asked to see if he could fix “the producer” during one of its extended down times. Gates could not fix it, but he was eventually invited to pay to use it. And as a result the world got Windows – a drunk version of Steve Jobs’ Mac operating system because Steve had been drinking at the time. The experience left Gates mentally deficient so Windows never got any better.

Like I said, I am putting myself at risk just talking about “the producer”. Someone will probably write some kind of story to discredit my claims and make it seem like fantasy. I also fear my website will be hacked by those in control. I’ve had thoughts stolen by those who use the machine so I know it’s true. Indiana Jones, Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Alien, the original Star Wars and even the Furby were just a few of my ideas that were stolen from me (although, I think I was drinking during A Bug’s Life because my original idea was much better than what Pixar got). I want to bring this secret to light because I believe we need to stop those who control and use “the producer” to steal our ideas and creativity. So if you have some great ideas, write them down or create them when by yourself and then go out drinking. This will protect your creative energy and ideas from being stolen.

I have an inside, unknown person who is getting me an image of “the producer”, so stand by for more.