Am I Religious? Yes, But Not the Way You Think.

By March 16, 2016 March 31st, 2019 Random Thoughts

I’ve been asked if I’m religious a lot. I’m not. Well, I am religious about flossing. I floss at least once a day. Sometimes two. I have nothing wrong with religious people or religion in general. To each their own, as long as it doesn’t tread on my life. If you want to worship an invisible being and it makes you feel better, go for it. Me, on the other hand, don’t have a traditional view of what God is. I believe God is pure creation. Sometimes things are created through destruction. And I’m in awe daily of what I see around me.

But I do have a certain problem with religions who think less of others because we don’t believe the way they do. Sometimes that looks like extremism – like what some Muslims do. But the vast majority of this way of thinking is very subtle and not as overt as a suicide bomber. The one religion I’ve had an issue with recently is Mormon. A company I worked for was run by Mormons. And when they asked if I was religious and I said, “not at all”, things changed.