5 Tips for Effective Banner Advertising

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Banner advertising is an effective way to promote products and services on desktop and mobile. But many advertisers make mistakes by launching a campaign without working out their strategy first. The following five tips are designed as a checklist to ensure you have an effective campaign before running your ads on an ad network.

1. A Wide Target

Make sure you have a targeted media and creative strategy. You can’t be all things to all people. And you can quickly run through your budget by having a bad media buy strategy. Be ultra focused and expand from there. Your competition will be on the same sites you are. Get creative to expand your media buy. Look at secondary channels and your banners will stand out more.

2. Make them click

Have a strong and simple message with a clear call to action. Your banners will be on some very visually busy sites. Making something simple and clean will stand out for more than adding to the clutter. Don’t tell your audience too much. You need to tell them just enough to get them to want more.

3. Be careful where your clicks lead to

Remember that if you are promoting a special offer make sure that your banner links not to your home page but to the page specifically related to your offer. Don’t make the potential customer have to search through your site to find it – lead them directly to what you are promoting.

4. Keep the files sizes small

Try to keep your banner ad file size low (under 50k). The heavier the file size the longer it will take to load on the page increasing the chance that your potential customer will leave the site before they ever get to see your ad.

5. Shop the competition

Review what your competitors are doing in the digital ad space. What products and concepts are they pushing? What are their calls to action? Are their ads too busy? You can learn a lot about what and what not to do by analyzing your competitor’s advertising and marketing strategies.

Now you can unleash the potential of your next banner ad campaign knowing that you have a solid strategy in place.

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