5 Principles for Leading an Agile Culture

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Having an agile company culture and behaviors in your company can give you a competitive advantage. Review these 5 tenets of an agile culture to assess whether your culture, work styles and behavior are an enabler or inhibitor in today’s high-speed, ultracompetitive, ingenious economy.

  1. People Over Process: Don’t let processes kill an entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. Dynamics Over Documents: Relying heavily on pre-scripted documentation doesn’t work in a dynamic digital environment. Agile teams need to be configured for speed, working in short iterations – while, of course, frequently referring back to the original objectives and principles.
  3. Collaboration Over Cascading: Reward collaboration and sharing. It leads to better communication, trust, knowledge distribution, and adaptive and shared leadership.
  4. Adaptive Over Prescriptive: Focus on “How can it be done?” instead of “Why can’t it be done?”
  5. Leadership Over Management: Agility is only possible if executives and managers view their jobs as to “serve and enable.”

Adopting an agile company culture requires a level of flexibility, inclusivity and, above all, upper-level support and behavior. Not every organization has the appetite and adaptability to implement these 5 principles. But for those that do so successfully, the reward is a competitive edge in the digital economy. As well as a higher level of employee satisfaction and retention.

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