The ONE Thing Marketing Should Do To Improve Business Is…

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When I’m brought into a company to lead marketing or marketing consulting, I’m always asked, “What is the one thing we should be doing to improve business?” My response is always, “There isn’t one thing. It’s a multitude of things that need to work together.” Sometimes the company gets it. But for whatever reason, sometimes they don’t. They already have a preconceived notion of the one “priority” item they want me to work on. It’s not a good fit for me. I’m constantly trying to work on the “multitude” and they get pissed because I’m not working on their one “priority”.

So if you’re a company looking for the “one” thing marketing should be doing to improve business. Stop looking. Marketing needs to be an orchestra keeping all the instruments playing together. Solos rarely work. And if they do, it’s short-lived. All the different aspects in marketing (digital, traditional, email, PR, social media, etc) need to work together. And one without the others, isn’t as productive.

I was recently brought into a situation where the company was doing OK but needed a good marketing approach if they wanted to break their flat-line growth trend. They listened to my “multitude” speech and said, “for for it.” In just 3 short weeks web traffic is up 80%, social media is up 2500%, Google Adword clicks are up 40%, Google Adword costs are down 30% and its all translating to record breaking days in sales and customer acquisitions. I couldn’t be happier to see a company get today’s marketing approach and succeed from it.

One of the companies I most recently worked for felt I needed to concentrate on the new campaign creative. They wanted it to be perfect. I love creative work. It’s the foundation of my career. But these days you need to be able to turn on a dime. If you spend months or even weeks delaying your campaign because you’re working on the perfect ad campaign, you just lost. You need to be able to make quick decisions and start your campaign now. And tweak it as you go. With the digital age it’s easier than ever to test ideas and change them. I’ve always liked the analogy; it’s easier to steer a moving ship than one sitting still in the water. Make sure your company and its marketing is moving. Not sitting still. And has a good orchestra.

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