Finding Passion and Purpose in Advertising

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I’ve always loved my chosen career. I get to do things that most people think is a hobby. And I was lucky enough to have some skills that most people don’t have, or at least haven’t learned to cultivate. I started my career at an ad agency working with some of the top technology brands and products as clients. Some of the stuff I was doing was really cool. Being on the cutting edge of technology is a cool place to be. My work looked great and did its job. But my experience felt empty to a degree. Then I made a move to another agency that was working in the medical technology industry. I saw that my work was helping save lives through the advertising I was doing. I now saw that my work was starting to have a deeper purpose which gave me even more motivation.

Through a series of events I found myself teaching advertising techniques to an education software company. We applied what I learned via my agency experience and applied it to elearning. I helped create an online school through my proprietary elearning delivery engine. And when I started to talk with students and their positive experience it drove me to do even more. Education had become my new passion. I was changing lives every day and making a positive impact.

We should all love what we do. We should all strive to make a positive impact on others. I found a way to turn my marketing, advertising and design skills to help people. You should find your passion too.

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