Why a toy truck? When my grandmother, Juanita Bell aka “Grams”, passed away a few years ago, this yellow truck was found prominently in her personal belongings. The toy belonged to her son, Jimmy, my uncle. Jimmy was named after his father, Jim. So to keep them straight the younger was called Little Jimmy. This toy truck was one of Little Jimmy’s favorites. As the story was told to me, one day Little Jimmy felt that the truck needed a windshield so he put on a piece of clear tape to simulate glass. The tape has yellowed over the years but I found Little Jimmy’s creativity inspiring. Little Jimmy died of childhood cancer when he was 8. My mother was 3 at the time and doesn’t remember it. But Little Jimmy’s memory has always been in my family. Which is why I’ve started this site.

I have stories that I’ve told my own two sons over the years that at the foundation are stories of creativity and empathy. I’m in the process of writing and illustrating these stories for publication. I believe creativity is being taught out of kids and I think we need to make sure they hold on to it. But more importantly kids need to look at others with caring and compassion.

I now have the toy truck and I look at it everyday to remind me what’s really important.


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