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We publish books that foster a child's empathy, compassion, and creativity.


When my grandmother, Juanita Bell (AKA “Grams”), passed away in 2009 this toy was among her possessions. The toy belonged to Little Jimmie, her son and my uncle. He was named Little Jimmie because his father, my grandfather, was Jim. This yellow truck was one of Little Jimmie’s favorite toys. As the story goes, he wanted his truck to have a windshield so he added tape. The tape has yellowed in the 75 years since it was added. Little Jimmie died when he was 8 of cancer. My mother was 3 so I wasn’t even a thought. But Little Jimmie’s memory has been with me all my life. And this truck now sits in a prominent place in my house to remind me what really matters in life.

I’ve created this publishing company in his memory to publish books and stories that foster a child’s empathy, compassion, and creativity.

> J. Todd Rash

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